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Wildcat Canyon Regional Park

My current passion project. Over the past year I've spent many hours getting to know my local open space. Wildcat Canyon Regional Park is part of the East Bay Regional Park District and contiguous with its better-known neighbor to the south, Tilden Park. Wildcat Canyon is a mosaic of wooded canyons, grassy hillsides, and stunning views from San Pablo Ridge. It offers excellent wildlife viewing including almost daily coyote sightings, and I've now seen over 100 species of birds in the park.

Wildcat Canyon Gallery


Photos taken during a research trip to a field station north of the Arctic Circle. The trip was in late August, so the seasons were haphazardly transitioning from summer to winter. It was still late summer when I got a couple of days in the Seward area at the end of the trip. Eventually I'll add some slide scans from an earlier birding trip with my parents that included stops in Nome and St. Paul Island.

Alaska Gallery

Mountain West

Photos from Big Sky Country. For most of my life I only saw this region out of airplane windows at 30,000 feet. I immediately fell in love when I first started following the Greater sage-grouse breeding season in a rural field camp outside of Lander, Wyoming. Here you'll see sage-grouse, as well as photos of other charismatic wildlife and scenery from the nearby Wind River Range. I'll also include images from Yellowstone and Grand Teton, as well as Montana and Colorado. 

Wyoming, Montana, Colorado