Finally! What's taken so long?

I started this page as a portfolio site, with the intent that everything here would be available to you to take home. That said, when I first started building the site I uploaded a lot of images without really knowing how they would print and I was nervous to let them out into the wild. There can be a HUGE difference in how a file looks on a bright computer screen versus paper, a fact I've struggled with when printing some of my greeting card designs at home.

Now I have a better monitor for editing and will start to revisit my favorites and include some files I'm confident will look good on your wall. I'll keep adding them here as I can over the next weeks and months. Please contact me if there is an image you would like to purchase but you don't find it below.

Eventually I hope to reach a tipping point where I can reorganize and/or replace the existing galleries with sets of fully purchase-able items.  This will mean a lot of reorganization as I reforge the user experience here.

I am also planning to do some of my own printing and provide matted photos at in-person shows. These will be fine-art prints on high-quality paper and archival mattes and backing. 

For other products (Cards, Calendars, and Stickers) please visit my Etsy Store. Check back frequently for new designs and products!

Please also read the additional notes on printing below.

Prices subject to change without notice.

Notes on Printing

I haven't had a chance to explore all the options from the photo labs that partner with Smugmug.  Consider this an evolving document as I learn more and get feedback from customers.

1) There are four photo labs. I am going with Bay Photo because it is a little more local to me and I've heard good things about it from other people.  They offer matting as an extra service. My initial interactions with them have been great so far.

2) Smugmug offers an extensive list of options for prints and other products. Bay Photo does have other paper and processing choices not included in the default. If you know what you want and don't see it listed under a purchase option here, let me know and I can order directly from Bay Photo where I'll have access to those other options. Similarly, if you have a preference for one of the other partnering photo labs (WHCC, EZ Print, or Loxley Color), let me know and I can look into the possibility of printing there.

3) For now I am going to rely on Bay Photo's well regarded color correction professionals to perform the final tweaks. This makes more sense for me since I'm offering a variety of print surfaces (otherwise I'd need to optimize files for various papers, canvas, metal, etc). I'm not ruling this out in the future but for now I'll let them handle it.

4) While my greeting cards benefit from the added punch of glossy paper, lustre has a little more texture and might be a good choice.

5) Non-print products (e.g. magnets, mugs etc.) I haven't tried many of these. If you want them, please let me know how you like them. As one-off print jobs they are not inexpensive. 

Please let me know your experiences!